BodyXchange Pittsburgh Personal Training is pittsburgh's premiere training facility. Scott Hayward and his team of Pittsburgh personal trainers break down weight loss with tips, reciepes and video's. Changing Bodies, Changing Lives


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With so many gyms and personal trainers in Pittsburgh, it leaves everyone wondering,”Who is the best in personal training?”  While we know we are Pittburgh’s number one personal training facility and fitness center, don’t take our word for it!  Read how Scott Hayward, Pittsburgh Personal Trainer and his team of expert trainers have helped changed the lives and bodies of people in Pittsburgh!

Before and After Photos

   Wow, can’t say enough about the training that I had with Scott. He kept me moving, was very accommodating to my shooting schedule and endured my rantings and ravings. Any time I need to get ready for another picture or I am shooting in Pittsburgh, you can be sure I am going to call Scott Hayward.

-J. Gyllenhaal

Scott’s workouts are fun, tough and always different. It is exactly what I was looking for when I went for a trainer outside of the team.

N. Davenport

I have been training for over 20 years and have competed on the amateur and professional levels. In all my time involved in fitness, I have never met a more knowledgeable, innovative and forward thinking trainer and fitness professional than Scott Hayward. He takes the most difficult concepts of exercise physiology and exercise kinesiology and puts them in everyday language so you and I can see how to apply it to our lives.

Fauzi Hanst
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

“Training with Scott at BodyXchange has really changed my life! I have worked out with personal trainers before but I was misinformed and misguided. I learned more with Scott in the first 20 minutes then I did in over a year with other trainers. I recommend BodyXchange and their personal training sessions to anyone who is looking to change their body and understand what it takes to lose weight and get fit!”

-Lauren G

“BodyXchange Fitness Center is by far the best elite gym in Pittsburgh!! BodyXchange leaves a positive impact while changing your BODY and LIFE FOREVER!! As an avid fitness enthusiast for years, I have belonged to many different gyms! BodyXchange is by far not your average fitness center. Beginning with the staff and personal trainers being so dedicated, knowledgeable, progress driven, and caring about their clients’ needs. All the trainers have experience in anatomy & exercise physiology and actually explain why the exercises they choose work for you and your individual needs to help you obtain your personal goal! Each workout is satisfying and extremely challenging but fun working the whole body without being aware until the muscle aches are felt throughout the entire body days later! Scott Hayward, one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated, professional, driven, & caring personal trainers takes pride in challenging & changing his client’s bodies and lives giving them a new outlook and confidence on life!! Finally, the equipment and exercises used to achieve your goals are by far different from any gym in the area! Some of my favorite equipment pieces used are Battling Ropes, Kettle Bells, Medicine Balls, Suspension Chains, Push Sled, Helix Machine, & Resistance Bands!!!! I give BodyXchange Fitness Center thumbs up for a JOB WELL DONE!!! I would highly recommend this positive welcoming environment to anyone who wants to have the best possible BODYXCHANGE EXPERIENCE!!!!”

-M. Intrieri

“I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Scott. His professionalism never varies: punctual, honest, encouraging, ALWAYS upbeat! I’ve never seen him in a dour mood, and that goes far when it’s 6am!

Best of all, I saw almost immediate results. He maps out a customized training plan each visit, personalized to my goals and abilities. He’s pushed me further than I ever knew I could go physically, and I’m still going strong! I would have stopped a long time ago if it weren’t for his encouragement and belief in me. It really helped just to have someone to be accountable to, someone to cheer me through my falls and cheer louder for my wins! Scott’s enthusiasm for his work is infectious. You know he’s really doing what he loves!

If you want a tough yet considerate trainer, one you’ll be able to quickly re-haul your physique with, he’s your guy!”

-A. Manol

“As a health care professional, I recognize the importance of staying healthy and fit. To better my life style I decided to join a gym and find a trainer. This past summer (2009) I looked at several gyms and trainers in the Pittsburgh area. Scott Hayward ended up being my final decision. He provided me with valid physiological explanations for each exercise and technique to help me obtain my maximum strength. When I began to train with Scott he considered my body structure in putting together a fitness program that fit my needs. I weighed 158 pounds and was a size ten at the start of my program. I have been working out for about three and half months. Currently I have lost eleven pounds and two dress sizes along with inches from my hips arms and thighs. Each workout is always different and fun. Scott’s style not only incorporates exercise but he also has aided me with starting a healthy lifestyle. I am half way to achieving my personal goal thanks to Scott.”

-G. A Steiner RN

“As this year comes to a close and another new year rapidly approaches, I wanted to evaluate how I did with my 2009 resolutions. This year is different than the last five; I actually achieved my goal thanks to the assistance and encouragement of my trainer, Scott.

I trained with Scott two times a week for the last 52 weeks. Each workout was customized to meet my objectives and at the same time varied so that muscles never became accustomed to the same routine. Some days it was straight sets & plyometrics, some days it was super sets with a little boxing and some days the dreaded drop sets.

In addition to understanding the physiological aspect of fitness, Scott also understands the nutritional side and developed a diet to help me shed the fat. He kept me motivated all year and I am now stronger and in better shape than I’ve been since college.

The end result… I’m wearing a short, strapless number for New Year’s Eve! Thanks Scott, you’re the bomb! I’m looking forward to training in 2010″

-C. Dolfi

“I have been training with Scott for over two years. Our workouts are challenging, easy to follow, and most importantly provide great results. For every session, Scott is prepared, focused, friendly and supportive. I appreciate his flexibility and efforts to work around my schedule as much as his schedule permits. He is accessible and generous with his advice and time and most importantly, provides a great example of healthy living and a commitment to health and fitness.”

-J. Wolford, DO, MPH
Pediatric Chief of Residents

CALL 412-481-FITT (3488) today!

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