BodyXchange Pittsburgh Personal Training is pittsburgh's premiere training facility. Scott Hayward and his team of Pittsburgh personal trainers break down weight loss with tips, reciepes and video's. Changing Bodies, Changing Lives

BodyXchange- Pittsburgh Personal Training

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  BodyXchange gym and personal training facility offers the best personal training Pittsburgh has to offer. I know you are probably skeptical after other personal training experiences but that’s where Pittsburgh personal trainer, Scott Hayward and his team of personal trainers at BodyXchange fitness center come in. Unlike most personal trainers, the trainers at Bodyxchange have worked hard to create a fat incinerating philosophy that has everyone in Pittsburgh talking.   Scott Hayward and his personal trainers work with each client one on one to understand their weight loss goals and develop a workout and diet plan to achieve those goals.  BodyXchange, gym in Pittsburgh, takes Pittsburgh fitness to a whole new level!    With 2 convenient locations BodyXchange fitness club, gym and personal training facility is easily accessible for all of Pittsburgh.  BodyXchange Pittsburgh is located in the Southside, just minutes from Downtown, Oakland, Monroeville and the North Hills as well as Peters Township.

When putting together the philosophy and ideology behind bodyXchange ABS Program, Scott Hayward, Pittsburgh Personal Trainer, asked hundreds of people about their experiences with personal trainers (both good and bad, the bad far outweighed the good!)

What he found was their trainers doing nothing but taking their money… how their trainers just stood around with a clipboard during the workout yammering on and on about their personal lives… how their trainers didn’t seem to know a THING about getting them into shape, the anatomy, physiology or kinesiology, not to mention they knew NOTHING about energy metabolism (a must for FAT LOSS.)

And one of the biggest complaints people had was that their trainers always took them through the same old BORING workout routine (This makes the workouts highly INEFFECTIVE because your body reaches a plateau relatively quickly and will become more efficient performing the same exercises, thus will expend less energy to perform the same amount of work and will not need to experience muscle growth (hypertrophy) to perform the increase in workload.

Hayward realized if he was going help people get into incredible shape he’d have to take the bull by the balls and break away from the industry standards… So he went off on his own and created and laid out a training facility and training curriculum so far advanced from what anyone in Pittsburgh, PA has ever seen, that In a short matter of time he was able to help so many

Because of all these night and day transformations it wasn’t long before the waiting list for my services grew FAR beyond what Hayward was able to handle, So here’s what he did…

Scott Hayward, Pittsburgh’s number 1 personal trainer, systemized his training into the bodyXchange ABS program” the ABS stands for Applied Body Science. He and a team of the highest qualified and most result-producing trainers in Pittsburgh… these are TRULY the cream of the crop and they use the exact same training systems that have been proven to work for clients time and again.

Scott Hayward, Pittsburgh Master Trainer’s, program is for people with “Average” or “Less than average” genetics

Here’s why this program works so well…

  • BodyXchange’s personal training fuses cutting-edge SCIENCE with FUN and challenging “old-school” exercise techniques so your body will transform at a rapid rate…

  • BodyXchange personal training also applies the right mindset, energy and world class motivation along with top notch guidance, ironclad instruction and complete support to give you a workout experience with unsurpassable results (This means you’re going to look great NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF GENETICS YOU HAVE).

  • We also constantly SWITCH-UP the workout routines so you never get bored with the workouts, your body never adapts and you continue to make non-stop progress at a rapid rate… we will literally “drive” your body into shape…

Here’s what you get with our bodyXchange ABS Program:

    • Weekly Personal Training Sessions – You’ll receive trainer-supervised workouts on a weekly basis that’ll constantly drive you towards your ideal body as FAST as possible. We don’t look good unless you do!

    • Motivation – Your trainer will motivate you every single time you come in for a workout so reaching your fitness goals will be EASY (Without this external motivation, it is EXTREMELY difficult for most people to get into shape.)

    • Guidance – During your workouts we’ll practically guide you by the hand through the entire process (All you have to do is show up and you get one of the most fat-melting and muscle-toning workouts available in Pittsburgh, practically on auto-pilot.)

  • Instruction – We will show you EXACTLY how to do every exercise SAFE and correctly (you won’t be one of the countless people wasting their time using ineffective and dangerous exercise form.)

  • Support – We will give you mental, physical and emotional support which is CRUCIAL in making consistent progress (When most people start an exercise program on their own they quit within 60 days… we’re here to make sure this DOESN’T happen to YOU.)

  • Accountability – We’ll MAKE SURE you show up to your workouts, which makes getting into shape practically inevitable (Getting to the gym is half the battle.)

  • Nutritional Instruction – You’ll discover which foods to eat and which foods to stay away from like the plague.

  • Fun Workouts – If you don’t enjoy something you probably won’t stick with it… so we make SURE you have a great time during your workouts (You’re actually going to LOOK FORWARD to working out for once!)

  • Push you when you need it – Let face it, everybody has days where they’re not feeling 100%, even the best of us. That’s why we’re here to lift you up, cheer you on and give you a kick in the BUTT when you need it. Sometimes we hold a hand, sometimes we slap a hand (just kidding)

You will…

  • Lose fat once and for all – With conventional methods over 93% of people who lose fat gain it all back. We’ll show you how to do be part of the 7% of people who keep the fat off forever…

  • Tone up your entire body – We’re going to make you lean and defined everywhere. When people rely on pills and crash diets, they might lose a little weight, but end up just looking like a weak and sickly smaller version of themselves with soft and mushy muscles…In all essence they actually just cropped the picture from an 8 x 10 to a 5 x 7, without really changing the picture. Ever hear of the terminology “skinny fat?” With our bodyXchange ABS Program you will look fit, healthy and like a million bucks.

  • Be MUCH more attractive – It’s no secret, a lean and toned body is considered by most people to be EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE and appealing. (You’re going to get a lot more attention… whether you want it or not… In fact, many of our clients rave about how much their sex life and social life has improved since they joined our program.)

Here’s how BodyXchange personal training compares to other fat loss options, like working out on your own, relying on pills and supplements or joining a weight loss clinic:

Important Components for Successful Fat Loss: Personal Training Working Out on Your Own Pills and Powders Weight Loss Clinics
Safe Yes Depends Depends Depends
External Motivation Yes No No Yes
Accountability Yes No No Depends
Faster Metabolism Yes Yes No No
Toned Muscles Yes Depends No No
Fun Yes Not For Most People No No
Support Yes No No Yes
Develop Habits to Keep You in Shape Forever Yes Possibly No No

Here’s how the BodyXchange ABS Program stacks up against other personal training programs in Pittsburgh:

BodyXchange ABS Program

Other Personal Training Programs

Program specifically created to help people with “average” or “less than average” genetics get into incredible shape, so you can look like you’ve been working out for years, even if you have bad genes and haven’t touched a dumbbell in your life

Since most trainers have good genetics and have been in shape their entire lives their programs are designed for other people with good genetics who have been in shape for THEIR entire lives. This kind of program DOES NOT work for the average person

Fast weight loss AND you keep it off – In fact, when you follow our simple program you’re going to lose fat at such a rapid rate your friends are going to be DYING to know your secret

Slow to moderate weight loss and the fat typically comes right back within a few months because the trainer doesn’t help the client develop new habits

We offer a trial workout with no commitment, no pressure and no obligation

Hardcore sales pitch usually disguised as a “Free Consultation”

We make sure you use correct form to minimize injury and maximize results

Not a whole lot of focus on form… more of an anything goes approach

Fun and variety: No two workouts will be the exact same

Same workout, week in and week out

Cutting-edge exercise techniques proven by science to get results

You’ll perform the same 9 to 11 basic exercises the trainer learned in a 2-day certification class

Certified by real organizations like American College of Sports Medicine, IFPA, National Strength and Conditioning Association and National Fitness Personal Trainers

Certified in a two day class put on by a corporate gym about how to upsell the clients on overpriced nutritional supplements

We do this as a career because we love helping people get into incredible shape… it’s our purpose in life and we’re damned good at it… just check out the results our clients get

The trainer most likely saw a “For Hire” sign, applied for the job and got hired

Push you and motivate you to get the maximum muscle-toning fat-melting effect from EVERY SINGLE workout

They’ll count your repetitions (meaning they’ll tell you how many times you lifted the weight) and stand around being your “buddy”

If you’re tired of struggling to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, then you need to take action today!

Go From Flab To ABS in as little as 8 Weeks

Don’t Take our word for it!  See what Scott Hayward and his team of trainers can do for you!!

CALL 412-481-FITT (3488) to start your body transformation today!

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