BodyXchange Pittsburgh Personal Training is pittsburgh's premiere training facility. Scott Hayward and his team of Pittsburgh personal trainers break down weight loss with tips, reciepes and video's. Changing Bodies, Changing Lives

Personal Training Programs

Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness

BodyXchange, Pittsburgh personal training is committed to help you with your bodybuilding/figure endeavors; our bodybuilding/figure trainers are excellent in this field.  You will have the privilege to work with our trainers who have competed at the local, regional and national level.  They have also remarkable track record, wide variety of experience on training and in-depth knowledge in bodybuilding, figure and fitness.

Pre & Post-Partum Pregnancy Workout

Whether you are trying to conceive, expecting or recently had a baby an amazing fitness and health can be achieved.

bodyXchange, Pittsburgh personal  trainers are going to work with mothers and mothers-to-be and prepare a personalized Pre & Post-Partum Fitness Training.  Our personalized fitness training and services will help you meet all your needs during and after pregnancy.

It is our goal to prepare our clients to enjoy the journey of their pregnancy and be in their best physical condition in preparation for labor and the post-partum year.

Wedding Preparation

Are you trying to get in shape?  Or are you trying to look fresh for your wedding?  If you would like to be your absolute best on your wedding day, then your health and fitness should be at the top of your list.

With our fitness programs at bodyXchange personal training in Pittsburgh, we can help you be in your best condition that you can be for that special day.

And because we know that you have a deadline – we have time efficient solutions to help you overcome time limitations, help you get fit, lose weight, look better and have more energy for the grand day.

Core Training

Whether your goal is to improve your performance in any particular sport or simply to increase creativity and productivity at work, the strength of your core muscles play an important role in your success.

bodyXchange, Pittsburgh personal training’s qualified trainers will educate you in the core exercises so you can attain maximum results.  Some of our core strength training benefits include:

  • Increased energy

  • Improved body posture and movements

  • Lower back pain prevention

  • Lean and strong abdominal muscles

  • Reduction in the risk of injury

  • Improved strength and body endurance

Flexibility Improvement

Flexibility improvement and maintenance is often overlooked as a vital part of fitness. We all have to understand that flexibility of the muscles is a major factor in preventing injuries, enhancing performance, improving range of motion for joints and decreasing post-exercise soreness.

At bodyXchange, pittsburgh’s number one personal training facility, we encourage our clients to incorporate flexibility improvement into to their pre-existing training program. With our flexibility enhancement program, we can help you prevent injuries and improve your performance.

Training & Conditioning for boxing, MMA & martial arts

Any martial arts or boxing participants should embark on an overall training and conditioning before engaging themselves in intensive boxing or martial arts training.

Our specific training program would help build up your muscles, strengthen your joints and improve your coordination; hence you should be able to make the beginning stages of martial arts and boxing more injury-free.

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